Swiss Sportsmen's Club of Tacoma

Our Organizations


Swiss LAdies' Society "Helvetia"

In 1908 a group of Swiss Ladies’ gathered together to promote purpose and friendship for Swiss women in the State of Washington.  As their symbols the Tacoma Swiss Ladies’ Society Helvetia” chose the Swiss Flag and a twig of cedar.  The cedar tree is evergreen, straight and strong and its branches provide shelter, refuge, and protection for those who wish to share our culture and find comfort in our sisterhood.  Our motto is "All For One and One For All.  To join, you need either be a Swiss Miss, age 12 or older, or be married to a Swiss.  Our dues total $100.00 and are due at the time of joining. This is a Life membership. - Facebook

Enzian Swiss LAdies Choir

Established in 1988by 13 ladies, all former Alpenroesli members, the Enzian Swiss Ladies Choir is the only all ladies Swiss choir on the west coast. in 1990, they performed as a guest choir their first festival in San Diego, and in 1993 were elected into membership in the USSSPC in Portland, Oregon.The purpose of our choir is to encourage, promote, and preserve Swiss folk music and tradition. To accomplish this, our repertoire includes music in the four languages of Switzerland.

The choir is completely self supporting, our main concert and fundraiser is held every November during the annual "Rippli" Dinner sponsored by the Tacoma Swiss Society. We also enjoy performing at various festivals, for other Swiss clubs, and four our friends in the Swiss community residing in retirement and convalescent homes. - Facebook