Swiss Sportsmen's Club of Tacoma



The Swiss Sportsmen's Club of Tacoma was organized may 14, 1958 by merger of the Tacoma Schwinger Club with the Tacoma Swiss Rifle Club. The Schwingers originally organized November 18th, thirty years earlier in 1928.

All Tacoma Schwingfests until 1934 were held at Star Lake Park in the Federal Way area south of Seattle. From 1934 through 1941, Tacoma Fests were held at Lonely Acres Park east of Renton. The park, once familiar to a generation of Swiss is now part of the freeway. The Club returned to Star Lake for the last festival in 1942 until post-war 1946 when the Tacoma Rifle Club property at Bonney Lake was made available for the annual "Schwinger Picnic". All Schwingfests have been held here since that time. The merger of 1958 created a new organization, which embraces schwingen, marksmanship, and an enlarged membership with many interests. 

More that 500 young men have participated in Schwingfests in Tacoma in the last 85+ years. Much credit is due to each one, and those who foresaw the benefits of youth programs for the club's future.